Hawaiian Hangover for Tonight’s Five-0

Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0

So much for getting lei’d on spring break. This week on Hawaii Five-0, a group of married, fortysomething pals from Ohio–played by guest stars Pauly Shore (Encino Man), Jaleel White (Family Matters), and Kevin Farley (The Waterboy)–attempt to relive their glory days with a wild, womanizing vacation to Oahu. But the party is over when the trio wakes up after an epic bender to find a dead woman in their hotel room–and no memory of how she got there. “When you first see them, Pauly has half of his hair burned off, Jaleel has a black eye, and Farley is wearing a bikini top,” says executive producer Peter Lenkov. “These guys aren’t the brightest bulbs.”

The Five-0 task force works the case by–what else?–retracing the knuckleheads’ moves, one debaucherous step at a time. “Normally we have comedy as one ingredient in our show, but this episode is funny from beginning to end,” Lenkov says of the Hangover homage. That’s thanks in no small part to the inspired stunt casting. “Apparently, the people who saw us shooting assumed we were doing some kind of reality show.”

Hey, don’t rule it out: Although Shore, White, and Farley had only briefly crossed paths prior to this gig, their willingness to get into character while on location made them fast friends. “After filming, we’d always meet down at the bar at the Sheraton,” says Shore. Recalls White, “We took turns buying each other drinks–hat just happens in Hawaii.” Still, there was one obstacle that kept life from imitating art. “The hotel bar closed at 11pm,” says Farley. “So that was too bad.”

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