Nat Geo Re-Releases Acclaimed ‘Before the Flood’ After Trump Pulls out of Paris Climate Agreement

Screening Of National Geographic Channel's
Mike Windle/Getty Images
Director Fisher Stevens (L) and executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio attend the screening of National Geographic Channel's "Before The Flood" last fall. The climate change documentary will be re-released by Nat Geo on its digital platforms in the wake of President Trump's decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.

President Donald Trump’s announcement on Thursday that the United States is withdrawing from the historic Paris Agreement on climate change led to a lot of outrage from those concerned about what this decision means for the future—including critiques from some sources that don’t wade into political and social arenas all too often. The Weather Channel, for example, made clear its opposition to the decision via its home page.

The National Geographic Society was also defiant about the Paris Agreement decision, prominently featuring information about climate change on its home page, and releasing a statement along with National Geographic Partners that read, in part: “We are disappointed that the U.S. administration has withdrawn from the 2015 Paris Agreement, the landmark climate change accord that committed the United States and nearly all nations of the world to take actions to protect and care for our planet.”

Beyond that statement, National Geographic has also announced that it will be re-releasing its acclaimed documentary on climate change, Before the Flood, commercial-free and unauthenticated across its digital and TV Everywhere platforms from June 2-9. This includes, and Nat Geo TV apps (iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Roku and Samsung Connected TVs).

“The story is now more relevant than ever,” said Chris Albert, executive vice president, global communications for National Geographic Global Networks, in a release. “We are pleased to again release this powerful and important film for the world to see.”

Directed and co-produced by actor Fisher Stevens and also boasting actor and notable environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio among its producers, the critically acclaimed Before the Flood originally debuted on National Geographic channels and its digital services internationally last fall. Nat Geo says this initial airing reached over 60 million people worldwide and surpassed a record-setting 1 billion minutes viewed.

Also happening to coincide with the film’s digital re-release: Before the Flood will be one of six honorees recognized on June 8 at the Television Academy Honors.

Before the Flood, commercial-free and unauthenticated on National Geographic’s digital and TVE platforms, June 2-9