‘Your Family or Mine’ Might Be the Season’s Bawdiest Comedy

Your Family or Mine
Jeremy Freeman/TBS
Your Family or Mine

Who would have guessed that spring’s bawdiest comedy would star Richard Dreyfuss and air on TBS? Your Family or Mine follows Oliver (Kyle Howard) and Kelli Weston (Kat Foster), young marrieds dealing with their very different in-laws.

The 10 episodes alternate between visits to their respective families, starting tonight at Ma and Pa Weston’s, where the clan spies on Oliver and Kelli’s bad-girl babysitter via nanny cam and dad (Dreyfuss) casually brings up his own sexual exploits.

“It’s totally relatable,” says executive producer Greg Malins (Friends). “Everyone watching will recognize one of these characters from their own lives–whether it’s the judgmental mother-in-law or the father who says crazy things. And now it can say on my tombstone, ‘I got Richard Dreyfuss to say scissoring.’ That’s pretty good in itself!”

Your Family or Mine, Series premiere, April 7, 10/9c, TBS