Will Trevor Noah’s Daily Show Have a More International Focus?

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Will Trevor Noah’s Daily Show have a more international focus?
Noah’s South African heritage may have played a big factor in his hiring, says James Poniewozik. “Comedy Central didn’t end up signing John Oliver, but you have to wonder if there’s been an Oliver Effect from Last Week Tonight, showing the appeal and potential of taking a more global perspective on what is, after all, a very large news world. Maybe the next “Daily Show iteration will shift more away from its America-centric focus on politics, elections, and Fox News criticism. If so, it could be an energizing distinction to have the show hosted by someone who’s not only from a different country but a different hemisphere.” PLUS: It was smart to pick someone of the show who wasn’t too identified with Stewart’s Daily Show, watch every clip of Noah’s, from The Daily Show to his standup to his specials, get to know Noah through his Instagram, and everything you need to know about his journey to The Daily Show.

Did Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer and Louis CK reject The Daily Show?
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