First Look at ‘Versailles’ and New Drama ‘The Halcyon’ (VIDEO)

VERSAILLES - George Blagden
Photo: Tibo & Anouchka, Capa Drama, ZodiakFiction & Docs, Incendo, Canal+
George Blagden as Louis XIV in Versailles.

The unofficial start of summer has arrived, but Ovation is already looking toward its fall premieres by releasing trailers for Versailles and new drama The Halcyon.

First up, Season 2 of Versailles will make its U.S. television premiere on Saturday, September 30th at 10pm. The 10-part, one-hour series already aired in France to great buzz and is currently airing in the U.K. on the BBC. Created by Simon Mirren and David Wolstencroft, and filmed on location at the Chateau de Versailles and at the legendary Studios de Bry in Paris, Versailles was recently named the Best TV Drama Export by TV France International.

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In the second season, as Louis’ (George Blagden) power grows, so does the Palace, but his lofty ambitions are overshadowed by his private fears, fueled by the strong women in his life. The series also stars Alexander Vlahos (Philippe) and Anna Brewster (Madame de Montespan). New additions to the second season include Greta Scacchi (War & Peace) and Harry Hadden-Paton (Downton Abbey).

Here is the trailer for Versailles, Season 2:

Also arriving at Ovation, a new eight-part, one-hour drama, The Halcyon. Set in 1940, the drama series looks at life in London through the prism of war and its impact on families, politics, relationships and work across every social strata. The series stars Steven Mackintosh (Luther), Olivia Williams (Anna Karenina), Hermione Corfield (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) and Matt Ryan (Constantine). The series was created by Charlotte Jones and produced by Chris Croucher (Downton Abbey) and Left Bank Pictures (Outlander, The Crown).

Here is the trailer for The Halcyon:

Versailles, season premiere, September 30, 10/9c, Ovation. The Halcyon, premiere, October 2, 10/9c, Ovation.