‘This Is Go Time’: First Look at John Cena in ‘American Grit’ Season 2 (VIDEO)

American Grit Season 2
Michael Becker/FOX
(L-R): Cadre members Riki Long, Grady Powell, Chloe Mondesir, host John Cena and cadre member John Burk in American Grit Season 2.

“You’re here because you’ve either lost your grit, or maybe you never had it in the first place,” host John Cena tells the new competitors in this exclusive Season 2 preview of Fox‘s American Grit (June 11 at 9/8c).

And it certainly seems like some of these competitors need work in tapping into that grit. One player even admits that, “My motto is, when the going gets tough, I quit.”

Clearly, that attitude isn’t going to cut it with Cena and his new group of military mentors—called The Cadre—as they try to whip the 17 new recruits into shape.

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Who Has True American Grit? John Cena on the Military Intensity of His New Series

John Cena hosts and produces a military-inspired competition series for Fox.

Cena’s “Cadre” at Camp Grit on Hampton Island, Georgia, this season includes John Burk, an infantry drill sergeant with the U.S. Army (“Any time I walk in, shut up,” Burk warns competitors at one point); Riki Long, a U.S. Marine; Chloe Mondesir, an ammunition technician with the U.S. Marines; and Grady Powell, a Green Beret.

As you can see from the intense preview below, the challenges in Season 2 test not only the competitors, but have the potential to test the Cadre, as well:

American Grit Season 2, Sundays, 9/8c beginning June 11, Fox