James Corden’s Late Late Show Represents the ‘Fallonization’ of Late-Night

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James Corden’s Late Late Show represents the “Fallonization” of late-night
Corden’s spin on a late-night talk show is like Fallon’s in that instead of saying funny things, they do funny things, says James Poniewozik. “There’s definitely something Fallonized about the new ‘Late Late Show, not necessarily in a bad way at all,” he says. “To replace the dryly funny Craig Ferguson, CBS also hired a performer: a game, eager multihyphenate who can act, sing and do physical comedy. And Corden’s first hour, if not a copy of Fallon’s show, clearly looks to use his talents in the way that Fallon’s ‘Tonight used his.” PLUS: Corden’s blokey demeanor disarms American celebrities, Corden needs to take more risks, he projected humility and a genuine sweetness without projecting a lack of confidence, he’s as infectious as Ricky Gervais without the a-hole factor, having 2 guests come out at once gives a casualness and ease that’s apparent immediately, he’s inspired and horrendously charming, Corden is destined to be a cult hit, why didn’t Letterman mention Corden at the end of his show?, watch Jay Leno and other celebs train Corden to be a late-night host, watch Corden and Tom Hanks reenact every one of his movies in 8 minutes, and Corden topped Seth Meyers based on early numbers.

Fox sues to keep the title Empire
A California record label that has represented Kendrick Lamar and Sean Paul called Empire Distribution, Inc., has been threatening Fox over Empire, claiming its name has been tarnished by a show featuring “a label run by a homophobic drug dealer prone to murdering his friends.” In response, Fox is seeking a declaration that would give it the right to use the name Empire.

Chloe Sevigny is the latest addition to American Horror Story: Hotel
Sevigny appeared on the 2nd season of the FX series.

Nintendo boss shoots down The Legend of Zelda TV show report
A Wall Street Journal article claiming Netflix was making a live “Zelda” series is “not based on correct information,” says Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata.

Game of Thrones bans spy drones from flying above the set
A no-fly zone has been set up above the show’s Northern Ireland studios. PLUS: Sean Bean enjoys watching his “kids” grow up, inside the San Francisco premiere, and GoT should be spoiling the books!

Esquire Network greenlights The Agent, inspired by Jerry Maguire
The docuseries will follow four agents in the run-up to the 2015 NFL Draft.

Check out Dick Van Dyke with brother Jerry on The Middle
Dick Van Dyke reunites with her younger brother on the April 22 episode.

60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan is back in the hospital
Logan, who appeared on this week’s episode of the CBS newsmagazine, has been suffering complications from her 2011 attack in Egypt.

Black Sails casts Divergent‘s Ray Stevenson as Blackbeard
The Rome alum will appear in Season 5 as one of history’s most notorious pirates.

Jon Gosselin “I’m contemplating running for office”
The former TLC star, who now works as a DJ, says he may run for state representative: “I have a meeting but I’m still hesitant on that because I’m more intimidated, even though politics is kind of like entertainment, it’s just a different kind of world,” he says.