It’s Been 10 Years Since The Office Premiered on NBC

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It’s been 10 years since The Office premiered on NBC
The remake of the Ricky Gervais hit comedy premiered 10 years ago Tuesday with a dreadful season on a Peacock network that was basking in the faded glory of ER and “Will & Grace. But with its 2nd season, The Office helped usher in a “silver age” of comedy on NBC, paving the way for 30 Rock, Parks and Rec and Community.

The Jinx‘s timeline called into question
Court documents and an eyewitness show more holes in the HBO documentary series.

Nickelodeon Hotels are on the way
Viacom has signed a deal with Karisma Hotels & Resorts to open Nickelodeon-branded Hotels that will feature the cable network’s biggest stars, including SpongeBob and Dora.

What’s up with the recent “too perfect” series finales?
Glee, Parks and Recreation and The Mentalist all ended with everybody in a happy position. Perhaps the better option is a not-so-perfect finale hated by viewers.

Orphan Black is coming out with a clothing line
Hot Topic is putting together a collection of clone-themed clothing. PLUS: Watch a clip from Season 3.

John Oliver’s British accent stumps YouTube’s closed-captioning
Next time you watch a Last Week Tonight clip on YouTube, turn on the closed-captioning for some unintended hilarity.

John Stamos on working with a baby again for Fox’s Grandpa: “Deja F’ing Vu”
The former Full House star shared a photo with his TV son, Josh Peck, and his “grandchild.”

Jon Hamm talks reuniting with former student Ellie Kemper on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
“I felt honored to be able to play in the sandbox with the cool kids again,” says Hamm, who taught Kemper and House of Cards honcho Beau Willimon in 1993 when he became a teacher at his high school alma mater after graduating from college. PLUS: Kimmy shows the irrelevance of NBC, and 30 Rock and Kimmy share the same dog.

TBS not going forward with Broken Lizards comedy Quality Time
Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme and Erik Stolhanske’s pilot about a group of former college buddies has been rejected.

Missing Next Food Network Star‘s remains were found in a wood-burning oven
Authorities found what they believe to be Cristie Schoen Codd and her husband in their neighbor’s wood-burning stove.

Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men series finale script contained an “underwhelming” false ending
The real ending, however, was revealed to the core cast members in Weiner’s office. PLUS: Don Draper couldn’t afford his NYC apartment in 2015.

Girls boss talks about that ending
Showrunner Jenni Konner says: “It was the cleanest way to do it, and we were just really excited to show what another season looks like.” PLUS: “Girls” should become Skins-like in Season 5.

Will Letterman grill Bill O’Reilly on accusations that he fabricated his stories?
The Fox News host is set to visit The Late Show on Tuesday to promote Killing Jesus.

Empire co-creator watched Kanye West for inspiration
Danny Strong also says Puffy was an influence on the Fox drama: “I was in my car in L.A., and I was driving around, and I heard a news story about Puffy, and I just thought, ‘Hip-hop is so cool. That’s what I should do next, something in hip-hop.'”

Discovery orders Harley-Davidson, plans to appeal to female viewers
While developing a scripted series based on the motorcycle brand, Discovery is trying to broaden its appeal beyond its mostly white male viewership. Discovery also intends to steer away from specials like Eaten Alive.

David Hasselhoff promises Sharknado 3 will be “the worst movie you have ever seen”
“The first one was the worst. The second one I think was even worse than the first. I’m so honored to be in Sharknado 3.”

Introducing the Game of Thrones “Hug Buddy”
Is that half of Jon Snow’s torso? PLUS: GoT creators are visiting Seth Meyers on Wednesday, and Maisie Williams makes her American talk how debut Tuesday on Jimmy Kimmel.

The Bold and the Beautiful star recalls everybody learning her character was transgender
Some members of the cast didn’t know until the day before shooting, says Karla Mosley.

Emily Deschanel contrasts her 1st and 2nd Bones pregnancies
“It’s not a safe world that they’re bringing this child into,” she says, “and she’s very much aware of that this time, whereas last time she was a little naive about it.”

GMA‘s Lara Spencer and her husband split
She and CNN reporter-turned-real-estate-broker David Haffenreffer have been married since 2000.

Why NewsRadio was the best sitcom of the ’90s
Even better than Seinfeld!?

Smallville‘s Allison Mack will be part of NBC’s American Odyssey
She’ll recur on the NBC spy drama premiering on April 5. MORE CASTING: Frances Conroy joins Hulu’s Casual, Teri Polo added to Last Resort, and Degrassi‘s Alex Steele cast on Original Sin.

John Slattery: Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer had an unusual way of shooting
Shooting “was spread out all over the place” to accommodate everybody’s schedules, says Slattery, who plays a theater director. “We were literally shooting two-person scenes that only one person was in, so you’d go back two weeks later and shoot the other half,” he says.

Outlander is helping boost tourism in Scotland
The Starz series has apparently resulted in a 500% increase in tourism to Scotland.

Gillian Jacobs compares working on Girls vs. Community
“It was really refreshing for me,” she says of Girls, “because I liberated myself from the pressure of being funny, you know? I think that Girls is really funny, but it’s not because you’re selling jokes all the time in the same way that you are on Community.”

Kevin Bacon films a Following spoof for Funny or Die
Watch him become paranoid of everybody, including wife Kyra Sedgwick.

Tim Gunn describes his Sunday routine
Every Sunday, the Project Runway star will walk through Central Park and visit the Met. Then he’ll go home and make himself a Manhattan. “I’ve been drinking Manhattans since Sept. 11, 2001,” he says. “I thought, ‘Celebrate the city. Have a Manhattan. Never forget.'”

Jimmy Fallon’s “Ew” sketches criticized
Is Fallon doing a disservice to his daughters by portraying teen girls as self-obsessed, insane, brainless narcissists?

NFL will air a webcast-only game next season
The Oct. 25 Jaguars-Bills game from London won’t be available to DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers.

James Corden: Why we’re having all my Late Late Show guests come out at once
“I think what’s great about it is it makes the guest’s job easier,” he says, “and all we want is to make it a nice place where people feel comfortable and want to hang out. You feel more at ease (in a group) than walking out and doing your seven minutes about you, and telling your three stories you already told to the show’s researcher, thanks very much, goodbye. It should feel more organic and perhaps a fraction more relaxed.” PLUS: All the late-night hosts have reached out to Corden, Jay Leno welcomed him to “Talk Show Hell,” Letterman wished him good luck, Corden was shocked to learn how expensive it is to use music in late-night, Corden won’t be devastated if canceled, Reggie Watts on being Corden’s bandleader, and Corden shouldn’t have to adjust his British accent.