CNN Reporter: I was Banned from Killing Jesus Premiere for Negative Bill O’Reilly Coverage

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CNN reporter: I was banned from Killing Jesus premiere for negative Bill O’Reilly coverage
Tom Kludt tweeted that his credentials were denied “out of respect” for the Fox News host, whose book inspired the Nat Geo film. The film’s publicist, however, disputed Kludt’s allegation. PLUS: Killing Jesus poster omits Bill O’Reilly’s name.

Watch James Corden get a “bombshell” out of Mila Kunis, with Tom Hanks’ help
A clip previewing Corden’s Late Late Show reveals an unusual setup — Corden is sitting on the left of the screen, when most other talk show hosts sit on the right because it makes them seem powerful. PLUS: Kunis did not admit to being married on Corden’s debut show, CBS security refuses Corden entry to Corden, and Reggie Watts’ band’s name will be called Karen.

NFL to halt the local blackout rule for the 2015 season
NFL owners voted to temporarily halt the longstanding policy that local games be sold out in order for them to be broadcast on TV for this season.