What's Worth Watching: Justified Will Find You, Wherever You Go

Oriana Schwindt
Prashant Gupta/FX


Justified, "Trust" (Tuesday, March 24, 10/9c, FX)

Part of what makes Justified so good is its restraint. There aren't too many "OMG" moments. Instead, exec producer Graham Yost and his writers rely on good old-fashioned character-driven storytelling to keep us interested. That makes it all the more effective when they do indulge in a shocker, a la Mags Bennett's "It was already in the glass" death in the Season 2 finale, or Quarles' amputation in the Season 3 finale. In a final season full of great episodes, tonight's stands out for its tight focus and intensity—with crushing performances from Joelle Carter (Ava) and Walton Goggins (Boyd)—and its own "HOLY CRAP" moment. Stay off Twitter until you can watch, if you're away from your TV tonight.