Lucy Lawless Brings Toil and Trouble to Salem (SPRING PREVIEW)

WGN America

Salem‘s first season ended with the town’s most powerful sorceress, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), promising to rain pain on the she-devils who made her inhuman. In Season 2, the battle between the supernaturals is on. And there’s a mysterious new force circling the fray: German countess Marburg (Lucy Lawless), one of the last of the original witches. Lawless spells out how she’ll stir the pot.

What brings the countess to Salem?

She comes to town with designs on Mary. She has been around for so long that when something stimulates her interests, she’s riveted by it. And Mary seems a cut above your average woodland witch.

Exactly how old is Marburg?

She was probably in Egypt at the time of the pharaohs. And what she has to do to maintain her looks would make even a Hollywood housewife blush.

Which side of the witch war is she on?

She’s an entire witch war herself, and she’s going to suck everyone else into it.

Salem‘s pilot had a nipple-sucking toad and a devil-channeling phallic object. Have you filmed anything that crazy yet?

In my on-screen career, I’ve been crucified, I’ve been in a ménage à trois. But last night I shot the most bizarre scene. It’s really shocking. I can’t believe the show’s writers–such lovely people–can come up with this horrifying stuff!

Salem, Returns Sunday, April 5, 10/9c WGN America