Lee Daniels: We’ve Got Oprah Booked for Empire Season 2

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Lee Daniels: We’ve got Oprah booked for Empire Season 2
Lee Daniels revealed last night at an Empire event that Oprah and rapper/Oscar winner Common will show up next season. “Yes. Yeah. She’s gonna be on it,” he tells Access Hollywood of Oprah. To E!, he said: “I think she’s going to show up.” Earlier this week, Daniels said of his efforts to court Oprah, “I’m wearing her down!”

Obama Mean Tweeter gets free alcohol after blaming the president for the high cost of beer
Eric Matthews has been tweeting this morning about his “15 minutes of fame” from the Jimmy Kimmel video: “Hahaha the Sun Stop dude hooked it up with a free bottle of Barcadi and 30 rack of Keystone for the tweet.”

Mom promotes Jaime Pressly to series regular
She’ll continue in her role as newly sober woman Jill, whom Anna Faris’ character is trying to help.

Kathy Griffin quit Fashion Police because she doesn’t want to make fun of people’s bodies, but she’s done it before
As The Washington Post points out, Griffin has referred to Oprah as “big, fat Oprah” and described Renee Zellweger as looking like a “sweaty, puffy coke whore.” PLUS: Celebrities praise Griffin, including Lena Dunham and Kelly Osbourne.

Looks like The Bachelorette‘s 25 guys will pick between Kaitlyn and Britt right away
The Bachelorette began taping the season premiere last night, and creator Mike Fleiss tweeted this morning: “Gotta admit, it was very strange to see two Bachelorettes… Tough decision now belongs to the 25 guys.”

Penn Badgley: I’m done with TV after The Slap
Says the Gossip Girl alum: “It’s going to end up being my swan song for television because I don’t think I can do any more,” adding that The Slap was “a wink and a nod to my role in Gossip Girl.”

NBC changes the title of Odyssey to American Odyssey
Is the title change for the Anna Friel drama intended to capture the right-leaning audience that watched “American Sniper”?

Mellie’s Scandal sister is also sister to Veep
Since Scandal guest-star Lauren Bowles is the real-life half-sister of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, does that mean Mellie and Louis-Dreyfus are basically sisters now, too?

See Andy Samberg’s last stint hosting an awards show
In 2013, the future Emmy host helmed the Film Independent Spirit Awards — watch his opening monologue. PLUS: 5 things to expect from Samberg as host, including The Lonely Island.

Scandal hits a season low, American Crime tumbles 30%
Daylight Savings Time continued Thursday to wreak havoc on the primetime schedule.

Relive Will Ferrell’s epic 10-team day in Major League Baseball spring training
Ferrell played every position while suiting up for 10 teams for HBO’s Ferrell Takes the Field special.

Jeopardy!‘s lone Final Jeopardy contestant: “The vibe in the studio was shock”
“I hadn’t realized that both of the other contestants were in the negative,” says Kristin Sausville. My husband Justin (who also has won at Jeopardy!) was in the audience and later told me that there had been a lot of questions as to whether it had happened before.”

Letterman shows off a selfie he took with his son
Harry Letterman is now 11.

Vikings star talks last night’s surprise
That moment was “so poetic, so beautiful.”

Kevin Bacon is starring in a bizarre egg ad
The Following star has found his natural calling as the spokesperson for the American Egg Board.