What’s Worth Watching: A Harrowing Decade of Intervention

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Intervention 10th Anniversary Special (Sunday, March 22, 8/7c, A&E)

There are no demographics for alcoholism and drug addiction, as our national headlines will attest. Teens. Actors. Singers. Strangers. Siblings. And over the last decade, Intervention—one of TV’s most important and potentially life-changing offerings—has attempted to pull back the veil on substance abuse without glossing over the ugly truths and the unbelievable suffering endured by everyone in the addicts’ orbits.

Tonight, the award-winning docu-series kicks off its 10th season with a tag-team effort. First, there’s a retrospective featuring interventionists Jeff Van Vonderen, Candy Finnigan, Ken Seeley, and Donna Chavous, as well as crew members, commenting on past cases that either broke or lifted their hearts, followed be a season-premiere look at a young junkie who’s family has reached their breaking point. They may not look like you, sound like you, or live like you. But if it’s true that addiction is no respecter of persons, then it’s something that everyone should see.