What's Worth Watching: Bad Movie Night: Stalked by My Neighbor

Oriana Schwindt

Stalked By My Neighbor

Stalked by My Neighbor (Saturday, March 21, 8/7c, Lifetime)

Mmmm, yes. Saturday night, a bottle of wine (or sparkling grape juice, for the under-21s and teetotalers out there), and another classic Lifetime movie. Forget the splashy, big-name telefilms of the recent past (that Saved by the Bell thing, woof); Stalked by My Neighbor gets back to the channel's roots, by which we mean innocent young women having to deal with horrible pig-men. (Not literally.) Andrea Allen (Dexter's Amy Pietz) and her 18-year-old daughter Jodi (Kelci Stranahan) flee to the suburbs after a nasty home invasion. Jodi takes up Rear Window-ing, and sees some things she feels she needs to warn the neighbors about. Could it be that one of her neighbors is the culprit? Judging by the movie's title, yes.