‘The Americans’ for Real? ‘Inside the FBI: New York’ Exposes Russian Spy Couple (VIDEO)

Inside the FBI

They seemed to be typical mom and dad with two kids living the American dream. But, in fact, just like The Americans‘ fictional spy couple Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, Richard and Cynthia Murphy were deep-cover Russian nationals spying on the United States. (Unlike their fictional counterparts, murder didn’t seem to be part of their operation, though recruitment of American assets certainly was.)

You want to know how this sleeper agent couple, along with eight other spies, was finally caught in 2010? Check out this TV Insider exclusive—deleted footage from USA Network’s new documentary series Inside the FBI: New York.

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Dick Wolf, producer of the 'Law and Order' and 'Chicago' franchises, teams with filmmaker Marc Levin on this documentary series with unprecedented access to the FBI flagship's office during the crisis-filled year of 2016 and 2017.

The operation was called “Ghost Stories,” because the so-called “illegals” took the name of dead American citizens. With the help of photos, videos and documents, Federal Agents delineate how they tracked the couple for a decade, decoding their messages and clandestinely filming them passing information and meetings with their contacts.

The Jennings wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Inside the FBI: New York, Thursdays, 10/9c, USA Network