What's Worth Watching: Jump on This Boat

Rob Moynihan
Michael Ansell/ABC

Fresh Off The Boat

Fresh Off the Boat, "Phillip Goldstein" (Tuesday, March 10, 8/7c, ABC)

There are plenty of reasons to love ABC's Fresh Off the Boat, which has my vote for the best comedy currently on television. As Huang family matriarch Jessica, Constance Wu is quickly establishing a classic television character worthy of Emmy recognition. But the freshman show's secret weapons are Hudson Yang (Eddie), Forrest Wheeler (Emery) and Ian Chen (Evan) as the young Huang brothers with wildly different personalities (Emery and Evan's dinner table discussion about pickles a few weeks back was a highlight). Tonight, Eddie is excited to learn another Chinese kid is attending his Orlando, Florida school, played by guest star Albert Tsai, who stole every scene in last season's gone-to-soon Trophy Wife. Eddie quickly finds out that being Chinese is the only thing they have in common.