Happy 420 From ‘Broad City’: Watch Abbi and Ilana Toke up on Weed’s Biggest Day (VIDEO)

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Comedy Central
Broad City's Abbi and Ilana share a virtual bowl on "420"

Although you’ll have to wait until August for Season 4 of Comedy Central’s hilarious hit Broad City, those of you who have the munchies for more Abbi and Ilana antics are rewarded with a special “420”-themed “Hack into Broad City” video the show’s stars put out on Thursday (4/20).

In honor of weed’s biggest day, the video shows Abbi and Ilana toking up and sharing a bowl virtually as they video chat, with Ilana wishing her friend “Happy Holidaze (pointing out the “z” in “daze,” which Abbi didn’t need clarification on).

But at a certain point during their trip, they enter the realm of the uncanny and literally end up sharing bowls across the distance. Whoa …

Watch the clip below:

Broad City Season 4, August 2017, Comedy Central