Conan: We Spent 4 Days Shooting Around the Clock for Cuba Special

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Conan: We spent 4 days shooting around the clock for our Conan in Cuba special
Conan O’Brien showed a photo on his show Tuesday of him dancing in the streets wearing a “ridiculous linen suit,” and assured viewers “it was not staged. Cuban officials, meanwhile, tell The Washington Post that Conan kept a low profile after entering on a tourist visa, likely working with local film crews. PLUS: Why Conan is perhaps the only late-night host who can pull this off.

Whoopi Goldberg signs on for an ABC sitcom pilot that won’t impact her View job
In “Delores & Jermaine,” Whoopi will play comedian Jermaine Fowler’s grandmother, Delores, in a story about a millennial moving in with his grandmother.

Parks and Rec‘s dream casting comes true
A long-held dream casting became reality on the penultimate episode. Co-creator Mike Schur had teased this twist back in November, without saying much. PLUS: Jim O’Heir says: “I just think it’s genius,” and Season 1 wasn’t that bad.

Jessica Williams slams writer for calling her a “victim of Imposter Syndrome”
A writer for The Billfold called “bullsh*t” on Williams’ reasons for not wanting The Daily Show job, citing “Imposter Syndrome,” which Refinery29 says is “a mental block many women impose upon themselves out of belief that they’re secretly not qualified for their jobs and will one day be discovered, booted, and humiliated.” The “very condescending and offensive” article made her feel “super sh*tty,” Williams tweeted, adding: “I am a black woman and I am a feminist and I am so many things. I am truly honored that people love my work. But I am not yours.”

Jimmy Kimmel’s After the Oscars special books John Travolta
Travolta, who will also be presenting at the Academy Awards, will be Kimmel’s guest on the special, which will feature appearances by Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen Bell and more.

Jaimie Alexander joins NBC’s Blindspot
She’ll play a Jane Doe who’s discovered in the middle of Times Square climbing out of a duffel bag with her memory erased.

Undercover Boss episode goes from feel-good to feel-bad when employees got laid off
The CBS reality show didn’t capture the actual layoffs on Sunday’s episode. Instead, cameras caught an inspirational moment at the end of the episode as the employees were made to feel truly wanted. That was followed by a note stating that “FOUR MONTHS LATER” the employees were laid off and their jobs were shipped overseas.

An SNL Ambiguously Gay Duo live-action movie? Starring Jim Carrey and Steve Carell!?
Robert Smigel recalls there was talk in the early ’00s of making a movie based on his animated duo, starring Carell and Carrey. Now, Smigel is thinking maybe Channing Tatum and Justin Bieber could play Ace and Gary. PLUS: Read TV Guide’s 1st profile of “SNL” from 1976, and Phil Hartman’s daughter says of the tribute to her dad: “It’s just heartwarming for me to see, after all these years, that he is still remembered and admired.”

Zooey Deschanel on how New Girl will hide her pregnancy
“It’s hard to know until we finish the season,” she says. “Right now, I’m only showing a little bit, so it’s pretty easy to still hide in clothes. Maybe, eventually, I’ll have to stand behind a couch or walk around carrying a purse.”

Trophy Wife kid Albert Tsai cast as Ken Jeong’s son on Dr. Ken
Tsai previously worked with Jeong on Hot in Cleveland.

Modern Family‘s Macbook Pro episode had to be edited around Mac software changes
The motion graphics artist on the show had to repeatedly adjust whenever Apple released a software update that changed the Mac’s interface.

Key is a big David Brent fan, Peele prefers Peter Sellers
The New Yorker visits the set of “Key and Peele,” where the wigs are the “hardest-working hairpieces in show business.”

Teletubbies creator is sad her TV show being remade
“How could I watch it?” says Anne Wood. “All my programs are like my children. It’s like seeing a child remade in somebody else’s image. So good luck to them. They bought it and I can’t do anything about that.”

How did Better Call Saul come up with that “sex robot voice”?
Says co-creator Peter Gould: “When I was young, there was something about putting a piece of waxpaper over comb.”

Kurt Sutter: I took the Sons of Anarchy video game seriously
Says Sutter: “My mandate was two-fold: One was that it was driven by story and character…that it wasn’t just a hop-on-a-bike-and-shoot-somebody-in-the-face-and-ride-away game.”

Sleepy Hollow‘s” Katia Winter admits the show has a Katrina problem
But the actress doesn’t blame producers.

Devious Maids adds a telenovela star
Cristian de la Fuente will play a mysterious character from one of the maid’s past.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star hit with a class-action lawsuit
Teresa Aprea allegedly stiffed employees at her Little Italy restaurant.

Chris Soules’ Iowa hometown hated looking like a ghost town on The Bachelor
Arlington, Iowa really isn’t that empty, but producers chose to shoot on a Sunday, when it was less busy. PLUS: Bachelor reject goes from Chris Soules to Jeremy Piven.

PBS tells the story of The Italian Americans
The four-hour documentary starts off by delving into the lives of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century.