Sarah Drew on Grey’s Anatomy’s Sad Episode: ‘I Pitched It Accidentally’

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Sarah Drew on Grey’s Anatomy‘s sad episode: “I pitched it accidentally”
“Everything that happened on our show happened to my parents’ friends,” she says.

The Slap has a soft debut
Just 5.1 million tuned in for last night’s premiere of the event series. PLUS: Watch the slap from The Slap.

Everybody attending SNL‘s 40th-anniversary special: Here’s the list
Sunday’s attendees include Steven Spielberg, Miley Cyrus and Larry David.

Captain Phillips Oscar nominee Barkhad Abdi tonight makes his TV debut
Abdi says of his came on tonight’s Hawaii Five-0: “I’m still at the very beginning stage of my career. I never planned to be an actor; it’s something that I never imagined.”

Did Scandal jump the shark?
Last night’s episode made no sense. PLUS: Gladiators episode felt inconsequential, even though it should’ve had a chilling undertone.

See the poster for CW’s iZombie
From the producers of Veronica Mars, iZombie has Rose McIver playing a “med student-turned-zombie-turned-private eye.”

FXX’s 1:30 AM stealth Winter Dragon pilot leads to a lawsuit
There’s a reason why FXX chose to air the pilot quietly in the middle of the night on Monday.

The Vampire Diaries boss explains the latest death
“When you have a character like that,” says Julie Plec, “sadly they become ripe for the killing.” PLUS: Could Jeremy surface on The Originals?

Jimmy Fallon’s Saved by the Bell reunion was 6 years in the making
Mario Lopez tells Ellen he was first approached about a potential reunion six years ago.

Chicago Fire adds Warren Christie
He’ll play a new firefighter who grew up with Taylor Kinney’s character.

Jimmy Kimmel hires Cookie Monster as a writer
Can the Sesame Street star write a joke not containing the word “cookie”?

Congressman’s Downton Abbey-themed office doesn’t impress the show’s set decorator
“Mmmmmm, as he said, he’d never seen Downton Abbey, and I don’t think his decorator has, either,” says Downton‘s Jude Farr.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog created magazines mocking Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show sidekicks
Could Have Banged Nicole Kidman Weekly was among the titles Triumph perused during Fallon’s interview with Jack McBrayer. PLUS: Triumph plays “Catchphrase” with Colin Firth, and Triumph roasts Al Roker on Today.

Bear Grylls crashes through a window to enter a UK morning talk show
The Man vs. Wild star opted not to use the door to promote his new British reality show, Mission Survive.

Big Brother‘s Mike “Boogie” Malin is more than $20M in debt
The former Big Brother winner has filed for bankruptcy.