‘Full Frontal’: Samantha Bee Delivers a Postmortem on Trumpcare (VIDEO)

Full Frontal - Samantha Bee

Last week, Trumpcare—or Ryancare or AHCA or achoo or whatever—died a sad, ignominious death at the tiny hands of a president who bumbled into office on promises of being the country’s “Dealmaker-in-Chief,” but somehow couldn’t convince pretty much anyone to get behind his first piece of major legislation.

As Samantha Bee put it on Wednesday’s Full Frontal, “Trumpcare has joined its similarly misbegotten siblings”—cut to an image of grimy headstones reading Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Taj Mahal, etc.—“in a graveyard by a New Jersey golf course.”

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The host ran down the list of factors that lead to the bill’s rapid flame-out: Trump’s inexperience with the legislative process, the House Freedom Caucus, Democrats’ uncanny refusal to support a bill that would render insurance unaffordable to more Americans that were uninsured prior to Obamacare’s implementation and would constitute a massive tax break for the wealthy—like, who saw that coming?

Watch the clip below to find out what President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan learned from the experience:

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