Ecuador’s President Takes to Twitter to Complain About John Oliver

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Ecuador’s president takes to Twitter to complain about John Oliver
The Last Week Tonight host’s comments on Sunday mocking Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa for publicly shaming his teenage critics have become a hit in Ecuador — so much so that the president himself has responded on Twitter. “Are there even any English comedians?” he tweeted today, adding of his critics: “In Latin America, we are proud to have citizens and not subjects…They’re making someone famous who probably thinks the capital of Ecuador is Kuala Lampur.”

Jon Stewart says he has no say on his Daily Show replacement
“No, I don’t think they let you do that,” he tells Extra. “Do they let you do that when you leave a job? You just get to pick whoever it is.” As for suggestions that he replace Brian Williams as anchor of NBC Nightly News, Stewart says: “I think that sounds like a terrible premise for a movie.”

Hulu sending James Franco to 11/22/63
Franco is returning to the small screen in a nine-episode event series about a high school English teacher who time-travels to the date of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. 11/22/63 is based on Stephen King’s bestselling story, and J.J. Abrams is on board as a producer.

Vanessa Williams joins Fox’s fantasy football comedy
She’ll play the boss of an ESPN-like network, supervising Kevin Connolly in the Fantasy Life comedy pilot based on fantasy football expert Matthew Berry’s biography.

Vince Vaughn isn’t feeling pressure over True Detective Season 2 because it’s “very different”
“I thought Woody and Matthew did an exceptional job with the first season,” he tells Playboy. “This one’s very different, though. It’s a totally different story, with its own characters. The thing that’s consistent is the richness of the characters and the quality of the material. That was Louisiana. This is a California-based story, and it was kind of birthed from here. A lot of it is set in Los Angeles.”

Barbara Walters still keeps in touch with The View, insists there was no backstage fighting
“I send notes, I send emails and I go there, not every day, but I’m there,” she says. “The show does very well.” She adds that “Rosie wasn’t polarizing on the show or off air.”

A weekly edition of Nightline is coming to Fusion
ABC News’ Gio Benitez and Fusion’s Kimberly Brooks will helm the new cable network’s new one-hour Nightline, starting Oct. 28.

Steven R. McQueen is glad he got a fun Vampire Diaries goodbye, instead of a sad one
McQueen, who departs on tonight’s episode, even got pranked by the entire cast.

You’ll want to slap everybody on The Slap
The NBC miniseries based on an Australian series of the same name has a great cast, but it’s attempt to provoke conversation only makes it irritating. “Yes,” says Tim Goodman, “it’s an all-too-easy joke but, holy hell, you really do want to slap the crap out of so many of these characters and, three or four times in rapid succession, the narrator.” PLUS: It’s interminable, obvious, and agonizingly smug, The Slap is exactly the prestige project networks should be making, The Slap is important — it’s what NBC looks like when it wants to be HBO, it’s trolling yet absorbing, and it’s just different, eccentric and arty.