Retta's Five Favorite Parks and Recreation Moments

Damian Holbrook
Jeff Riedel

Parks and Recreation

After seven seasons of small-town politics, harvest festivals, and Lil' Sebastian sightings, the Pawnee team is calling it quits Tuesday night. But before Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and company shut it down for good, we asked Retta–who has played office oracle Donna Meagle since Day 1–to relive her five favorite Parks and Rec memories.

Parks and Recreation
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"Halloween Surprise" The Season 5 gem has "one of my all-time favorite scenes, Jerry's (Jim O'Heir) fart attack. And my favorite line of all time is Tom (Aziz Ansari) saying, 'Seriously, Jerry, did you have farts for lunch?'" But it was Ben's (Adam Scott) proposal to Leslie that sealed the deal. "I was crying!"

Parks and Recreation

"Pawnee Rangers" The Season 4 episode was the first time Donna and Tom celebrated the joys of indulging in one's wishes–also known as "Treat Yo Self!" "The day it aired, my Twitter mentions went through the roof! There is so much truth in the 'treat yo self' idea," Retta recalls. "And also seeing Adam Scott in a Batman suit [one of Ben's indulgences], I nearly peed myself."

"Recall Vote" In Season 6, Donna and Tom busted some moves over Ron's (Nick Offerman) mention in the lifestyle blog Bloosh–and Offerman busted up. "We shot that a thousand times, and Nick couldn't get through it. He kept laughing!"

"Practice Date" Leslie made a drunken visit to Dave (Louis C.K.) right before their first date in this Season 2 episode. But for Retta, the highlight aired in the blooper reel. "Leslie threw the slice of pizza and told him she was 'kicking your ass in a pizza fight.'"

Parks and Recreation
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"Hunting Trip" Ron is accidentally shot on a group hunting trip in this Season 2 installment. Leslie–and her femininity–take the blame to protect the real culprit, Tom, who didn't have the appropriate permit. "The montage of Leslie talking to the ranger, acting like it was her fault, is one of the best. She's like, 'Bitches be crazy' and 'It's because of my bra!' and 'I'm a girl.'"

The Parks and Recreation series finale airs Tuesday, Feb. 24, 8/7c, NBC.