Wrestling with Death Comes to an End

Wrestling with Death
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Wrestling with Death

Well, you can’t say it’s generic. Reality series Wrestling With Death follows the Osceola, Arkansas, Latham clan, morticians and heads of the Mid-Southern Championship Wrestling League. At Season 1’s start, veteran wrestler Derrick King (who recently wed matriarch Sandra’s daughter Jaime) began working at the family’s funeral home despite his deep fear of dead bodies. (True love, we guess.)

But Derrick still hasn’t fulfilled his stepfather-in-law LaFonce’s wish of assisting with an embalming. Will he rise to the occasion in tonight’s finale? “I’ve been telling myself, ‘This is your job and you have to do this,'” King admits. “But you know, I’m still not in love with death. My favorite part is doing the office work!” Ours would be too.

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