The Flash Introduces Superhero Hybrid Firestorm

The Flash
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The Flash

Get ready to meet a new kind of nuclear family when The Flash introduces Firestorm, the superhero hybrid of structural engineer Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) and physicist Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber). Fused by the particle-accelerator blast that turned Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) into the titular speed freak, the two couldn’t be more different. Luckily, the actors–who costarred in the 2013 TV movie The Hunters–are a match made in comics heaven.

The February 10 and 17 episodes are big for you two. What happens next with Firestorm?

The Flash
Cate Cameron/The CW

Victor Garber: My answer is: “Ask Robbie.” I really can’t follow it. It’s so complex! I just say, “Where do I stand and what do I wear?”
Robbie Amell: [Laughs] The danger at the end of the February 10 episode is how do we separate these two, and if we do, what happens to them? Will they be able to join again? Will it kill them?

But since it’s Ronnie’s body, with Martin controlling his mind–

The Flash
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Amell: At one point I have to do an impression of Victor because Martin’s mind takes over, and I was terrified. So I just watched a bunch of Alias! [Laughs]
Garber: That made me laugh so hard. We have quite a good time together, and I always would try to correct him a lot. I live to tease him.

Will you guys be getting a cool superhero costume?

Garber: Not yet! They’re not going to put an old man like me in a superhero outfit.
Amell: We find out that Cisco [Carlos Valdez], created the splicer–the device that Ronnie wears that conjoins him with Martin–and it’s interchangeable. Down the road, there will be a cooler costume to go with it than just Ronnie’s Zara jacket. [Laughs]

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