What's Worth Watching: The Fall Netflix

Damian Holbrook
Courtesy of Netflix

The Fall Season 2

The Fall, Friday, Feb. 13 (Netflix)

Sure, Valentine's weekend is a good enough excuse to go pay $15 to see Jamie Dornan's butt in 50 Shades of Grey. But why bother when you can get the dashing Dornan—complete with his Irish accent and a frequently bared bum—playing a sexy psycho just as twisted as Christian Grey and a story that's as riveting as it is adult? Starring The X-Files' Gillian Anderson as Stella Gibson, a British detective sent to Belfast to look into a string of murders, and Dornan as a devoted father and grief counselor with a homicidal streak, The Fall is an atmospheric, unsettling, and binge-worthy beyond words. One episode's end demands you to continue on, and as Stella's investigation intensifies, so too does the suspense and the unexpected sexual heat emanating from both Anderson and Dornan. Both seasons of the BBC production are available now, but you might want to pace yourself. After all, there is nothing worse than something this good finishing too fast.