‘American Crime’: Regina King and Sandra Oh Fight Injustice Together (VIDEO)

ABC/Nicole Wilder
Regina King and Sandra Oh in American Crime.

American Crime is really going for some hard-hitting, timely issues this year. In its third season, the ABC anthology series takes a look at what essentially boils down to indentured servitude and human trafficking in the contemporary U.S. From undocumented Mexican immigrants to young people forced into prostitution, in the season premiere we met characters for whom the American Dream is well out of reach and exploitation is a harsh reality.

Series MVP Regina King and American Crime newcomer, Sandra Oh, play the overworked and under-resourced social workers trying to help these people. In this exclusive clip from the upcoming March 19 episode directed by Juli Hébert, Oh and King’s characters take a rare quiet moment to reflect on the challenges of their jobs, the danger of burning out while trying to help the people who need it most. Oh’s character’s advice? “Keep fighting the fight.”