My Obsessions: ‘American Crime’ and ‘The Leftovers’ Star Regina King

my obsessions, regina king

My current favorite show This Is Us. It makes me laugh and cry, sometimes both at the same time. Also, Power [above]—it’s gritty and sexy.

The first thing I watch when I wake up I don’t usually have time to watch TV in the morning!

The show that always makes me laugh Impractical Jokers. I’ve only seen it, like, three times, but I laughed out loud each time.

What I eat while watching Well, that’s just not fair because I love food and I’m never eating the same thing.

My dream costar Carol Burnett

The show I miss most The Golden Girls and The Jeffersons. Both shows were genius and had sing-along theme songs.

The funniest person on TV Tituss Burgess. His looks alone tell a story. They are priceless. He can do a silent comedy and make you laugh.

The show I’d like to guest star on Actually, I’d like to direct an episode of This Is Us.

My guilty pleasure Black Ink Crew. I’ve been watching since Day One and I can’t stop.