14 Ways ‘TV Guide Magazine’ Loves Carol Burnett (PHOTOS)

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Carol Burnett, Fall 2015 TV Guide Special
Cover photograph: Jay Thompson Archive

Funny Face

Carol Burnett has made TV Guide Magazine's cover 19 times (including the Fall 2015 special collector's edition above), including in 1961, when she was voted Favorite Female Performer for the TV Guide Awards, against insane competition: Barbara Stanwyck, Dina Shore, Donna Reed and Loretta Young!

Burnett was so sure she'd lose she came to the awards telecast in a $20 skirt and blouse, then wandered off before her category was announced. "It was my first award, and winning it meant the world to me," she recalls. "It's still proudly displayed in my den. And I'm still in shock!

To celebrate the comedienne, here are all the times when TV Guide Magazine showed Carol Burnett front and center on various covers through the years.
Marion Lorne, Carol Burnett
Cover photograph by Curt Gunther, Topix

October 15, 1960

The very first TVGM cover Burnett appeared on showed her with costar Marion Lorne from the variety series, The Garry Moore Show.
Carol Burnett
Cover photograph by Philippe Halsman

September 30, 1961

The funny lady with the trademark short red hair graced the cover again with a wink.

Carol Burnett
Cover illustration by Morr Kusnet

February 23, 1963

An illustrated cover by portrait artist Morr Kusnet put Burnett’s face front and center.

Carol Burnett
Cover photograph by George E. Joseph

November 9, 1963

Doris Day played Calamity Jane in a 1953 feature film of the same name while Burnett took on the role for a 1963 small screen movie.
Carol Burnett
Cover photograph by Mario Casilli

December 30, 1967

Three months after The Carol Burnett show debuted, the comedienne was showcased from head to toe.
Carol Burnett
Cover illustration by Al Hirschfeld

April 11, 1970

Celebrity caricaturist Al Hirschfeld captured Burnett's colorful and vibrant essence.
Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett
Cover photographs, top and left: Dan McCoy/Black Star. Bottom right: Jerry Fitzgerald

December 4, 1971

In June 1962, Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews (then unknown) came together at Carnegie Hall for a special concert. The two legends reunited again at Lincon Center in December 1971 for another concert that was broadcast on CBS.
Carol Burnett
Cover photograph by CBS

July 1, 1972

The success of The Carol Burnett Show meant the laughing lady was ‘no longer running scared.’

TV Guide Cover - Carol Burnett and VIcki Lawrence
Cover illustration by Richard Amsel

March 16, 1974

Carol Burnett and her sketch show partner-in-crime Vicki Lawrence both got the Richard Amsel cover treatment, with a profile of Lawrence in the issue. The illustrator and graphic designer became known for his celebrity TV Guide Magazine covers, of which he drew more than 40 in over a decade.

Carol Burnett and the cast of Fresno.
Cover photograph by Mario Casilli

November 15, 1986

The 1986 TV miniseries Fresno was a parody on popular soap operas, like Dallas and Dynasty. Burnett starred as Charlotte Kensington, the matriarch of a rich family looking to remain in power.
Carol Burnett
Cover illustration by Al Hirschfeld

May 19, 1990

Another illustrated cover by Al Hirshfeld, this time in classic black and white, spotlighted the new anthology series sketch show, Carol & Company, which was on air for two seasons.

Carol Burnett
Burnett: TV Guide Magazine Archive

January 23, 1999

When talking about the 50 funniest TV moments of all time, The Carol Burnett show was ranked number two for its "Gone With the Wind" parody, starring Burnett as the diva Starlet O'Hara. (Ranking at number one? An episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.)
Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence
Cover photograph by Alberto Tolot

January 5, 2002

Months after the Sept. 11 attacks, the cast of Carol & Company reunited for a patriotic and uplifting cover.

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