What's Worth Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine

Aubry D'Arminio
Eddy Chen/FOX

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, "Windbreaker City" (Sunday, Feb. 8, 8/7c, Fox)

You can't obsessively check your text messages while fighting armed miscreants—even when their ammo is paint. So to help Jake get over his ex Sophia (Eva Longoria), his worried work pals encourage him to focus on showing off his cool cop moves at the elite DEA, FBI, and ATF hostage rescue training simulation (think: LARP for badasses.) But the jerk DEA agent in charge (The League's Nick Kroll) regulates all lowly policemen and women to playing the unarmed, tied up hostages. And Jake rallies the squad to stage a Die Hard-style "escape." (It is his favorite movie franchise, after all.) Jake may not have a gun, but John McClane didn't even have shoes. And guest star Kroll's smarmy bully makes the perfect Simon Gruber (Jeremy Irons). Yes, I meant Simon, not Hans (Alan Rickman). Heartache is only cured With a Vengeance. Do Die Hard references ever get old? Nope, not really. Yipee ki….