What’s Worth Watching: Kicking the Bad Habits on Marry Me

Marry Me
Paul Drinkwater/NBC
Marry Me

Marry Me, “Change Me” (Tuesday, Feb. 3, 9/8c, NBC)

It’s impossible not to totally heart Casey Wilson and Ken Marino. In fact, if their Annie and Jake weren’t already engaged, we’d propose to both of them. But this week, we celebrate the love being shown to actress Tymberlee Hill, whose character, Kay, has been one of the added bonuses of this rom-com. (She’s also a standout on Wilson’s Hulu web-hoot, Hot Wives of Orlando).

Kay is always one with a quick comment worth a rewind, but she’s sure to be at a loss for words tonight after the nearly-weds each secretly enlist her help in their efforts to break each other’s off-putting habits. Of course, her behavior-modification skills don’t come for free: Jake promises to help plan a baller Valentine’s Day date for her new gal pal (Ana Ortiz), which in itself might be worth the wackiness. But it’s guaranteed that the comedy Hill delivers tonight will be priceless.