‘Riverdale’: KJ Apa on Archie’s Big Decision (VIDEO)

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Things haven’t exactly been going Archie’s (KJ Apa) way on Riverdale, but at least he came to a bit of a decision with his extracurricular activities: he opted to pass on being captain of the football team and give more of himself to music.

“We’re finally seeing him make a decision,” Apa tells TV Insider. He notes he can relate to his character’s indecisiveness, but the choice was a good one: “I think it’s good, because now we finally know the trajectory of the character and what he’s going to pursue. I think music for him, at the moment, is his thing and that’s what he’s going to be working at.”

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Previously, on the show’s Vancouver set, Apa told reporters that Archie’s split loyalty was something the two had in common.

“Reading the pilot, when I was just about to start shooting, something that stood out to me was he’s struggling between music and football. When I was in school, I had to decide if I was going to do music—because I was on a half scholarship at school—and rugby,” he recalled. “Rugby was a big part of my life for a while, and I had to stop because of acting. So I had three things that I was just like, what’s going to happen? I had to stop playing rugby because you can’t play rugby and act as well, so I was forced to stop doing that. My dad loves rugby, and he was gutted to have me not play anymore, after playing my whole life. That was something that I could easily relate to with that. That was probably the biggest similarity between myself and Archie.”

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