What’s Worth Watching: The Soup Gets Meaty at the Super Bowl

Joel McHale
E! Entertainment
Joel McHale

The Soup (Friday, Jan. 30, 10/9c, E!)

The Internet is flush with viral clips from local TV news, cheesy reality shows and embarrassing talk shows. The Soup is still the best way to find all of those clips, curated by a team of experts and then skewered for your enjoyment by the one and only Joel McHale. The Soup is back on Fridays, giving the show a chance to rummage through an entire week’s worth of clips. Where else would you discover the ironic joy of the singing confessionals on TruTV’s Branson Famous, for example?

This Friday’s episode will be broadcast live from Phoenix, timed to this weekend’s Super Bowl (not-so-coincidentally airing on sister network NBC). Joining McHale will be Martellus Bennett (Chicago Bears, Tight End) and Terrell Suggs (Baltimore Ravens, Linebacker) and some other surprise guests.