What's Worth Watching: Key & Peele Super Bowl Special Is a Touchdown

Aubry D'Arminio
Comedy Central

Key and Peele Superbowl

Key & Peele Super Bowl Special (Friday, January 30, 10/9c, Comedy Central)

This ain't your mother's comedy special. It's your father's! In honor of Sunday's Super Bowl XLIX, sketch comedy gods Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are skewering that mainstay of dad's TV dial, ESPN's SportsCenter (and its spawns, such as NFL Network's NFL Total Access) with their own mock version. The hosts: flat-topped Super Bowl champion Bertram Skilling (Key) and burly eight-time Prop Bowl linebacker Dante Pipp (Peele). Bertram and Dante are both NFL experts, pastry lovers, and completely unable to speak beneath 100 decibels. Look for cameos by real athletes and a parody of the sports telecast gimmick mic-ing up—when a player is wired for sound so fans can listen to him on the field during the actual game. And, most excitingly, expect to see latest volume of Key and Peele's classic East/West College Bowl player intros (a feature from their eponymous Comedy Central skit show, Key & Peele). But this time, it's a special pro edition. Touchdown!