‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Finale: Who Killed Wes? ‘It’s Not Who You’d Expect!’

ABC/Richard Cartwright

In last week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder, Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) revealed to his BF, Connor (Jack Falahee) that he knows he went to Annalise’s house the night that Wes (Alfred Enoch) died. While we caught a glimpse of Connor trying to revive Wes with chest compressions, there’s surely more to the story, right? Of course!

After an early screening of the 2-hour finale with invited members of the press, Falahee fielded questions to preview what viewers will find out in this week’s finale and admitted it makes sense why some audience members may think he’s to blame for what happened to the “puppy” of the law students. “[Connor’s] been on his toes a little bit around the group since Wes’ death,” the actor said. “And he’s been acting quite suspicious, and throwing a lot of blaming around.”

Though the group of students under the often twisted tutelage of Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) have been through so much since the start of the series (more than a few murders, lies and heartaches), there’s still a level of wondering who to trust, especially when so many questions are still unanswered. “To be in this together and work together against all of these opposing forces,” Falahee said, “there’s a lot of distrust and it always has been and I think it probably always will be to a degree.”

As we saw in the last episode, Oliver has reason to not trust his boyfriend so much after catching him in some pretty big lies, but Falahee said it’s just another part of the rollercoaster the relationship has been on this entire season. “I think that Connor and Oliver’s relationship this season has been pretty contentious,” he shared. “There’s been obviously a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of secrets that have come to light starting with the revelation that Oliver deleted Connor’s Stanford acceptance and then Connor being OK with that and that being the catalyst for their break up.”

The fact that the two gay men come back together after everything they’ve gone through means one thing. “All these things make it abundantly clear to me that these two men love each other very much and that they want the best for each other, and they want to protect each other,” Falahee said. “I think that before was the honeymoon phase of the relationship and everything was a lot of lust and sex but now they’re actually grappling with things that’s [a part of] any serious relationship.”

As far as when the cast found out who killed Wes, Falahee said they didn’t know for awhile who actually killed Wes. “We waited the entire back half of the season to find out who killed Wes so we were shocked when we found out. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s not who you’d expect.”

How To Get Away With Murder, 2-hr season finale, Thursday, 9/8c, ABC