What’s Worth Watching: Rich People Are the Worst on Grantchester

Des Willie/Lovely Day Productions/ITV for MASTERPIECEÂ

Grantchester, (Sunday, Jan. 25, 10/9c, PBS; check local listings)

Brooding isn’t a good look for Reverend Sidney Chambers (James Norton), the fair-haired vicar-cum-amateur detective of this 1950s-set British mystery series. Yet that’s all he’s done since his inamorata Amanda (Morven Christie) announced her engagement to dull aristocrat Guy (Tom Austen) in last week’s premiere. So thank God for a good, juicy murder!

Tonight, Sidney accompanies his sweet sister Jennifer (the lovely Fiona Button) to a ritzy bash thrown in Amanda and Guy’s honor. Along for the torture: Jennifer’s boyfriend, Johnny (Ukweli Roach), a successful black jazz musician. When a diamond ring goes missing and a partygoer turns up dead, the other guests finger Johnny—you know, because he’s black and they are all truly terrible, horrible people. Thus, it’s super-satisfying to watch Sidney and his cop mate, Geordie (Robson Green), deftly dissect everyone’s lies and alibis in order to prove his innocence. (Devoted lovers Johnny and Jennifer are just too wonderful to lose as characters—he’ll be back in a later episode, when someone is murdered at his dad’s jazz club.) And to all you armchair sleuths who think you can suss out the identity of the killer? You’ll still never guess where the ring is.