Sam Bee Takes on Trump’s Muslim Ban on ‘Full Frontal’

Samantha Bee

While Donald Trump is asking the country’s faith leaders to pray for the ratings of The Apprentice, TV Insider would like to suggest that instead, we should all be praying for the staff of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. The news being what it is these days, it’s starting to look like they’re going to have to get used to coming to work every Monday morning and completely rewriting the show to reflect whatever shenanigans the Trump administration has gotten itself into over the weekend.

This week, Bee and co. devoted Wednesday’s episode entirely to the President’s “immoral, embarrassing and inhuman” Muslim ban that we’re not supposed to call a Muslim ban, describing the resulting massive cluster-fork thusly, “It was the of Islamophobia. The Ford Pinto of intolerance. A big fat cocktail of New Coke and Zima poured onto a Microsoft Zune playing an endless loop of the Star Wars prequels’ Jar Jar Binx scenes.”

Bee also took the opportunity to school the kids at home on the difference between immigrants, i.e. “people who leave their country hoping for a better life,” and refugees, “people who flee their country hoping just to stay alive.”

Check it out below: