‘Fire Country’ Season 3: Will Gabriela Marry Diego? (POLL)

Stephanie Arcila as Gabriela Perez in the 'Fire Country' Season 2 Finale
Sergei Bachlakov / CBS

Did Gabriela (Stephanie Arcila) say “I do” to Diego (Rafael de la Fuente)? That’s one of the questions Fire Country left fans with at the end of Season 2, and with the fall season just a couple of months away, we’re looking ahead to the returns of our favorite shows, including the firefighter drama on CBS.

At the start of Season 2, Gabriela seemed happy with Diego and excited about their future together. But since the beginning of the series, there have been sparks (that have sometimes ignited) between Bode (Max Thieriot) and Gabriela. But just as it seemed like the two might have a real future together near the end of Season 1, Bode, at his parole hearing, shocked everyone by taking responsibility for drugs at the Three Rock fire camp and getting himself sent back to prison (to help a friend whose release was being held up by the investigation). To say their relationship has been tense since is an understatement, but even her engagement didn’t stop them from sharing a kiss as Season 2 neared the finale.

Then, Bode got an early release and became a free man… but her wedding remained on. While he did show up at the church ready to tell her he loves her, a conversation with her father Manny (Kevin Alejandro) stopped him and he instead, after briefly sitting in a pew, left before anyone said “I do.” And that was the last we saw of the wedding. The Season 3 premiere will reveal if Gabriela and Diego get married.

That decision is now entirely in the couple’s hands. Bode was able to stop himself from saying anything because the person he is now wants her to be happy. “Bode, even though it’s tearing him up inside, can’t take that happiness away from her because it is what he wants,” Thieriot told TV Insider after the finale.

In fact, by leaving like he did, “it’s like he’s trying to close this door,” he continued. “It’s him taking in everything that he’s seen and really trying to move on.” Because at that moment, he does think that Gabriela is going to go through with the wedding.

As for what Gabriela’s feeling standing there, “she is trying so hard to listen to her head over her heart, and she sees [Bode]—who looks into the crowd like that on their wedding day?” said executive producer Tia Napolitano. “You are sort of laser-focused on your future permanent partner, and she looks over and sees him, wills herself to look back at Diego, and then decides to turn and look back. I think she’s hoping to meet his eyes in a way that he’s going to stand up for her and stop that wedding. I really do. And then he’s gone, which sort of leads her to believe, I would think, that’s right. That’s Bode. He does things on a whim. He makes decisions for me. He’s not reliable. Diego is, I’m making the right choice.”

That does make it sound like Gabriela’s ready to say “I do,” even if it’s not for all the right reasons. What we do know, Napolitano teased, is that “regardless of whether [Bode and Gabriela are] together or not, their chemistry, their bond, the way they keep being magnetically drawn to one another is not going to go away.”

So how could Fire Country resolve that cliffhanger? There are certainly a few options. Gabriela and Diego could get married, but it doesn’t last, maybe not even until Episode 2 or they’re divorcing by midseason. One of them doesn’t say “I do”—Gabriela realizes she can’t just follow her head, or Diego can’t deny any longer where her heart truly lies. But what do you think? Do you think Gabriela will marry Diego? Will she follow her head or her heart? Let us know in the poll and comments section, below.

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