‘Fire Country’ Will Bring Back Morena Baccarin’s Mickey in Season 3 Ahead of ‘Sheriff’ Spinoff

Billy Burke as Vince Leone, Diane Farr as Sharon Leone, Morena Baccarin as Sheriff Mickey Fox, and Max Thieriot as Bode Leone in 'Fire Country' Season 2 Episode 6
Sergei Bachlakov/CBS

Morena Baccarin‘s Fire Country spinoff, Sheriff Country, may not be premiering until the 2025-2026 broadcast season, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until then to see more of Mickey Fox.

We’ll see more of Mickey and even maybe more people in her world in Fire Country Season 3, executive producer Tia Napolitano tells TV Insider. “She’s part of Edgewater, and we’re just expanding the Edgewater universe. So I think it’ll feel like coming home when you finally are able to tune into Sheriff Country, even though it’s in 2025.”

Max Thieriot, Fire Country star, co-creator, executive producer, and director of the episode that introduced Mickey, agrees. “Before we get to launch Sheriff Country, I think there’s also a lot more to unpack with Mickey. Obviously we tried to really get out as much backstory as we possibly could in that episode, but I think it’ll be fun to sort of drop in different figures in her life in this show to just sort of build that rapport with the audience and get to see Mickey and Bode interact together outside [what we saw],” he says. “Mickey’s daughter, I think there’s a lot of fun stuff that we can play with leading up to that.”

In terms of how much we’ll see her in Season 3, “obviously we won’t have her full time,” adds Thieriot, “but I’m looking forward to hopefully at least getting her a couple of times and incorporating her into what’s going on in the town, but also just more of the personal lives and the relationships with these other characters that we’ve seen her interact with.”

Morena Baccarin as Sheriff Mickey Fox in 'Fire Country'- Season 2 Episode 6

Sergei Bachlakov / CBS

In her Season 2 episode, we learned that Mickey once arrested Bode, but she also trusted him enough to send him after an inmate fleeing in the woods. So what could that dynamic be like now that he’s free? “There’s a lot of fun stuff to play with the new Bode and Mickey’s daughter potentially who’s kind of going through a lot of things that he’s already been through,” Thieriot points out.

That episode, “Alert the Sheriff,” also revealed that Mickey and Sharon (Diane Farr) are stepsisters who had been estranged but are slowly coming back together. Farr was thrilled once she saw that connection.

“I was so excited to get that script,” she recalls. “They’ve been developing it for a long time, and when they told me she was going to be my sister, it was so exciting because every layer of family for a character just allows you to see a different side of them. [I thought] Morena is like a gift and would be so thrilling. And because she was going to be yet another really strong female, another strong alpha female, I thought it would be really fun if we could get to see Sharon be kind of petulant and whiny and holding a grudge. Where does she get to be the foot stomping five-year-old? So she’s a wonderful scene partner. We have the exact same way of working. We were both really excited to be there. We had hours and hours and hours just figuring it out.”

In fact, it resulted in a first for Farr. “It’s the only time in my TV career—we had shot one side of a scene shooting one of us where the other one’s a little bit in the background and then we turned around and shot the other one, and it grew so much just from what we could give to each other that they went back and re-shot the first side because we could really feed off of each other in the way sisters would,” she reveals of the scene with the two in the car near the end. “I don’t watch my own work, so I’ve never seen what aired, but I think there were versions of me where I am weeping and crying and I’m sad because she does judge, but it’s the two of us in the car.”

Farr’s looking forward to the spinoff and getting to explore more with the characters. “She’s going to be a great lead of a series, and I’m really glad I got to be in there and play with her,” she says.

And looking ahead to getting to explore more of the sisters’ relationship, Farr wants “anything where they’re silly, right? If you take two strong alpha females with really big jobs and children that they’re responsible for and families that weren’t exactly above board and now they’ve grown up and they’ve really become functioning members of society, I’d love to get them to be silly, irrational, and make crappy choices together.”

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