‘Tucker Carlson Network’ Set to Launch – How You Can Watch It

Tucker Carlson
AP Photo/Richard Drew

Tucker Carlson has unveiled his own streaming platform, named the Tucker Carlson Network (abbreviated TCN). The former Fox News host officially announced the launch on Monday, December 11, following a weekend of anticipation and teasers.

According to information available on Carlson’s website, the subscription for the service is priced at $9 per month, but the launch will include a promotional price of $6 per month.

TCN will offer subscribers unlimited access to five new shows, speeches, films, and other content featuring Carlson. The platform will also provide behind-the-scenes footage, documentaries, and a weekly Q&A session where subscribers can pose questions directly to Carlson.

In a video posted on his website to elaborate on the service, Carlson highlighted geopolitical matters such as the presidential race, global migration, and foreign wars before presenting his pitch for the network.

“How are you going to respond to all of this? The first step is knowing what’s actually happening. That’s not easy,” Carlson noted. “Who’s an ally? Who’s an enemy? You can’t always tell what’s true and what’s a lie. Sometimes it’s hard to know. There’s so much deception. Big media companies won’t help. Their job is to manipulate you. The government? Please. When was the last time you believed a word they said.”

The Carlson website features a variety of shows, such as The Tucker Carlson Interview, The Tucker Carlson Encounter, Tucker Carlson Uncensored, and TC Shorts. Notable guests on these shows include former President Donald Trump, Kid Rock, UFC CEO Dana White, and the incoming president of Argentina.

Carlson faced a shocking departure from Fox News in April. He then initiated an interview series on Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter). However, TCN seems to represent a substantial expansion of his media endeavors.