‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Sneak Peek: Will Tarlos’ Wedding Plans Get Derailed? (VIDEO) 

If T.K. (Ronen Rubinstein) and Carlos (Rafael Silva) can just get the rest of their wedding planning done and choose a celebrant, they’re ready to get married … right? Not exactly, as TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek from the April 11 episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star shows.

The pair meet with potential celebrants from various beliefs, and at first, for the most part, everyone seems OK. But then things quickly take a turn (and there are issues to be found everywhere, though not necessarily with each person). Amethyst reads their “radiant auras” and remarks that with Carlos’ “a cool blue of a sage” and T.K.’s “a fiery passionate red,” their “couple aura turns into a prismatic…” When Carlos can easily fill in the blank, she asks if he has the sight, too. His response is the best: “No, I’m just familiar with the color wheel.”

The reverend is clearly out once he tells them they’ll be joined for eternity burning in hell, then the rabbi wants to know when Carlos is converting. But it’s Nicole, a pastor, who really gets the couple thinking. “People don’t always like to hear it, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Marriage is the greatest commitment you’ll ever make,” she tells them, explaining she asks couples to have the big, difficult conversations now before they get married.

They’ve done that, T.K. says. So they have work, finances, and romance covered … but what about kids? Watch the clip above to see their responses and why that could be a major problem.

Elsewhere in “Swipe Left,” Marjan (Natacha Karam) learns her former fiancé is having a baby with his new wife, and the members of the 126 help her enter the dating world through a series of chaperoned dates. Plus, Owen (Rob Lowe) and the team are called to the rescue when a pregnant woman takes matters (and her anger) out at a motel where she suspects her husband is cheating on her.

Let’s just hope that call is where most of the drama comes from. We need to see Tarlos get married (hopefully) this season!

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