‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Kim Raver on Why Teddy & Owen’s ‘Really Messed Up Choices’ Make Them ‘Beautiful’

Kim Raver as Teddy and Kevin McKidd as Owen in Season 16 of Grey's Anatomy
ABC/Gilles Mingasson

Dare we say things are looking up for Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) and Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) on Grey’s Anatomy? But will it stay that way?

At the end of the episode “Training Day,” which Raver directed, things seemed the best they’ve been in a long time for the couple, but could that be because the weight is off both of them as individuals now that they’ve settled into where they should be professionally, her as chief of surgery and him as chief of trauma?

“I think they made so many really messed up choices, really bad choices. And what’s so beautiful about them is I love that fans got angry at that. You know why? Because they were messed up choices and they’re flawed people,” Raver told TV Insider. “And I love that they are coming out the other side because I feel like it shows that we’re portraying real flawed human beings.”

She continued, “Now they’re coming into their moments where they’re both thriving and they both can be badass surgeons and chiefs and husband and wife and parents. I really would love to see them thrive together and figuring out this new place in their life. I think in Hollywood we always see these perfect couples falling in love and everything is great or we see them completely tearing each other apart. I think it’s so beautiful to see a healthy, normal relationship that has its ups and downs and how they navigate these amazing new places in their careers.”

Chandra Wilson, Kevin McKidd, Kim Raver, and Jason George in 'Grey's Anatomy'

ABC/Raymond Liu

The good news is that while it wouldn’t be Grey’s without some drama down the line for one of its couples, it sounds like for now, fans of this one can breathe a sigh of relief. Rather, the focus is now shifting to their careers.

“How is Teddy going to be the best chief that she can?” Raver wondered about the position she’s enjoying her character in. “I think they’re starting to incorporate Teddy wanting to make changes for the interns, which feels very right in the climate that we are in, that we’re looking at mental health and how to protect our so-called next class that’s coming up, next generation. I’m loving getting to work with all of the new interns and all of those really fun stories. They have such fabulous stories coming up and those actors are so talented.”

Speaking of the interns, she couldn’t say enough good things about them as actors and supporting her in her Grey’s directorial debut with the March 23 episode. “To be able to work with the new cast members and really get to know who they are, we’re so lucky. They’re so talented and such lovely human beings. And I don’t mean to be all mushy, but I’m going to be all mushy because I love them all so much because I really got to dig deep and they also were so supportive and they were like, ‘You’ve got this, you can do it. It’s going to be so great,'” Raver shared.

Let’s just hope the relationship drama sticks with the interns for a while.

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