See Pat Sajak ‘Wrestle’ ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Perfect Game Winner (VIDEO)

Pat Sajak 'wrestling' winner Fred Fletcher-Jackson on 'Wheel of Fortune' on March 22, 2023
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Wheel of Fortune players and viewers experienced a rarity during Tuesday, March 22’s episode when contestant Fred Fletcher-Jackson played a perfect game, solving every puzzle correctly right down to the final bonus puzzle.

A drama teacher, bar trivia host, and professional wrestler, Fletcher-Jackson walked away with $75,800 in the end. As he reveled in his victory, another uncommon event unfolded as host Pat Sajak put some wrestling moves on the winner.

The moment, all in good fun, came among crowd cheers for Fletcher-Jackson and his father joining him on stage. As they celebrated, Sajak pretended to put the victor in a headlock, mimicking wrestling moves. Fletcher-Jackson played along, making for a funny moment to close out the exciting episode.

Check out the moment below, and see all of his solved puzzles in this “Fred Domination” highlights reel.


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Fans in the comments of Wheel of Fortune‘s Instagram post (above) mostly focused on Fletcher-Jackson’s perfect game, but the spontaneous spar with Sajak did produce some laughs.

“What was with Pat at the end?” one fan said with a laughing emoji.

“Not only another Perfect Game, but another showdown with Pat vs. another contestant!” said another.

“That was a good one!! The end was so funny,” another chimed in.

Those who commended the contestant praised his puzzle-solving abilities in the final bonus round, the answer to which was “His mind is wandering.”

“This goes to show that it helps to talk it out! Great solve,” one viewer wrote.

“Great sweep Fred! Great player,” said another.

“Best Player in a long time!!! Congratulations,” cheered another.

It was an exciting game, indeed. It’s not often that one player pulls a clean sweep of the whole shebang. His competitors, Jalecia and Jenna, got some words of consolation from Sajak before they left the stage.

“To you two, I want to say it happens,” he told them. “Sometimes someone just gets really hot.” Turning to the winner, he jokingly said, “You brute,” and then offered to “body-slam” him for the ladies.

It sounds like Sajak is just as much a fan of wrestling as last night’s winner.

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