Hannah Waddingham Warns Rebecca Is ‘Free-Falling Again’ in ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3

Hannah Waddingham for 'Ted Lasso' Season 3
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Ted Lasso is poised for its Season 3 return, and with it comes the resurgence of an old rivalry that transcends AFC Richmond and West Ham: the ongoing tension between bitter exes Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) and Rupert (Anthony Head).

That’s right, with Rupert leading his own team against Rebecca, their old rivalry has been reignited and as a result, familiar patterns begin to emerge as the AFC Richmond owner struggles to keep her composure. “I like that she is slightly free-falling again because isn’t that just the human condition?” Waddingham tells TV Insider.

“All the best-laid plans, you think, ‘oh great, Rebecca’s coming out the other side of it,’ and then you’re like, ‘no, no, no, she’s falling backward in a slippery bit of mud.’ You just wanna grab her hand and go, ‘mate, just let it go. You sang the damn song, ‘Let It Go,'” she adds, referencing Rebecca’s cathartic Season 1 karaoke session.

Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham in 'Ted Lasso' Season 3

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While fans may be eager to see how Ted (Jason Sudeikis) is doing post-betrayal by Nate (Nick Mohammed), Rebecca’s long-simmering feud with Rupert is certainly a big part of her story when Season 3 kicks off. After going through Season 2 without too much thought toward Rupert, Rebecca now has to focus on the fate of her team’s success against his.

“I love that she’s just not able to [get past it],” Waddingham gushes. “There is some part of her when she sees him… [you see] that jolt that goes through her system that you just can’t help with some people because she never got the satisfaction of ending things.”

Part of that disgust toward Rupert stems from the fact that “she was in” when it came to their life together, Waddingham adds. Rebecca had “even given up seemingly the chance of having children because he didn’t want to do it. And the fact that he had then had a child with someone else, there is no worse pain for her than that.”

“So I love the fact that she’s slightly slipped back,” the actress declares. “But that’s life, isn’t it? Some people just get under your skin and bring out the worst in you, even though you’re trying to be the best version of yourself.” How that competitive nature between the exes will manifest remains to be seen as Season 3 arrives on Apple TV+.

But beware, “Rupert brings out the worst version of her,” Waddingham warns. “And I’d love her for that.”

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