‘Queens Court’: Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada & Nivea on Finding Their Forever Kings

Queen's Court - Season 1 - Tamar Braxton, Nivea, Evelyn Lozada
Quantrell Colbert

In the new Peacock dating show Queens Court, Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada, and Nivea are looking for their forever kings. The trio of strong-willed and driven women have been unlucky in love and are hoping to change that on the show.

Over the course of 10 episodes, they’ll meet 21 prospective suitors in their search for “the one,” narrowing down the field through dates and conversation. They will have each other to lean on each other as they make some heavy decisions. Helping them along the way are longtime power couple Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete.

We caught up with the ladies who open up about signing up for the show and what they learned about themselves from their time together.

What were your first impressions when the concept for the show was brought to you?

Nivea: I think we were all a little nervous. Willing to do this. Outside of the curiosity of who these men were going to be, we were also curious about who the other women were. Thankfully, it was a big relief when we met and we clicked and formed our own sisterhood. That definitely helped through the process. All these men and getting to know them and all these questions and all this talking. It was nerve-racking having the cameras for all of it.

How close are you now after sharing this experience?

Tamar Braxton: We’re sisters. We bonded on the fact we all sucked at dating. We were just ready to find our person. We bonded off of that. We bonded off the fact we were ready to let go of the things that were holding us back from meeting the type of person we wanted to have in our lives.

Queen's Court - Season 1

When you’re having the same pool of men to choose from and have an interest in the same guys, how does that play out?

Tamar: Thank god Jesus we had different tastes!

Nivea:  I think being grown women and knowing that it’s not a competition. That we were here to try and see everyone. I think coming up with that understanding.

Evelyn Lozada: We would have conversations after every date and share stories. If I felt she was vibing someone or she was, and I was too, we would figure it out. If I thought one of the others was really vibing with someone, the others would back off. We weren’t arguing or having catfights. We were like, “Let the process be what it’s going to be.” Until something sticks.

When it came to deciding what men you were interested in, what was the process like? Were there hours of questioning?

Nivea: There was a lot of vetting.

Evelyn: There were a lot of questions, and talking. On a typical date, you would ask questions but keep it cute. Here you are damn near interviewing these guys. Sometimes it was exhausting, but we had to do it. We got through.

What kind of environments are you going to be in here? How are these relationships going to be tested to see if they were the right fit?

Evelyn: We had this one guy who seemed so sweet and so kind. Then once he started drinking and it got time for elimination, things got a little crazy. We had some moments that were really stressful and emotional for us to where production shut down. It was intense, especially the eliminations where you don’t know what was going to happen. There are highs and lows. We laughed a lot and cried a lot.

Nivea; It was an experience, my goodness.

How much of a resource was having Holly and Rodney there since they’ve been married for more than 25 years?

Tamar: They were definitely therapists at times. Also, definitely big sister, brother, or little brother. Whatever we needed them to be. They seem to know who we need when we need them. It was a blessing for them to be on the show because I think emotionally we were ready to meet our person, but we didn’t know how to get there. We didn’t know how to go about it. They really helped us figure out those steps in picking the right person and eliminating the right people.

Queen's Court - Season 1

Quantrell Colbert/Peacock

What would say you’ve learned about yourselves from this experience?

Nivea: I had to learn about my likes. I’m firm. I value liking someone because I feel like you can fall in and out of love. I feel like if I like you it can give you a base to see if something can last. My value on liking someone I also will misjudge for love. Maybe let something exist that shouldn’t. I’ve learned to look at that.

Tamar: For me, it’s learning to forgive myself and be kind to myself. When you do meet someone and like that person and do fall for the okey-doke, it always comes to reveal itself in the end or sometimes quickly. Just because you like someone, it’s okay if you’re wrong. You can use that situation as a learning experience. You use that to meet the right person.

Evelyn: There was this one guy who was so kind to me that I didn’t know how to accept it. I had to work through it. I’m a good person, a great mom, a great stepmom, and a great friend. It’s allowing that energy in and knowing you deserve that. I had emotional moments about that. Why do I feel weird about this person being nice to me? It’s something I never really had. I think all of us deserve that, for somebody to be good to us. We had to allow that energy in.


Would you recommend this experience to your friends?

Nivea: I would invite this to anyone. If you’re open and ready, it’s like a live dating site but in person. I think it was cool. It’s really in your face and you go through the process.

Tamar: I would recommend this experience to someone who is really serious. Who is willing to learn something about themselves and be open to other situations that you haven’t had before. Step outside your own box. If you can do that I would suggest it.

Evelyn: I was going to suggest someone but she is still in the streets.

Nivea: We didn’t see these men before. We did know them. And they didn’t know who we were. It was blind dating. So you have to be ready.

Queens CourtSeries Premiere, Thursday, March 16, Peacock