Connie Britton & Anna Uzele on the Grief & Joy of Apple TV+’s ‘Dear Edward’ (VIDEO)

Connie Britton and Anna Uzele
Getty Images

Heart, hope, and, yes, joy, emerge from the worst thing that can happen to a person in Dear Edward.

Apple TV+‘s new drama, adapted from Ann Napolitano’s bestseller, focuses on the people in a grief support group whose loved ones were killed in a plane crash. Striking this emotional balance for the ensemble cast is Emmy-winning writer/executive producer Jason Katims; he reunites with his Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton as widow Dee Dee, a rich New Yorker and now-single mom to her college-age daughter, Zoe (Audrey Corsa).

Also in the support group is Lacey (Taylor Schilling, Orange is the New Black) aunt and caretaker for the sole survivor, a 12-year-old, Edward Adler (newcomer Colin O’Brien, a natural) whose parents and older brother died. To protect him, Lacey hides the torrent of sympathy letters alluded to in the series title.

Each of the 10 episodes (the first three debut together) reveals more secrets about the lost passengers (an actress headed for an audition, a young father-to-be) and those they left behind. “Dee Dee gets closer to the truth [about her husband]. There’s much pain as [she and her daughter] make this discovery,” Britton says. But ultimately, “It deepens their relationship.”

Check out this video for more from Britton, and Anna Uzele, who plays Adrianna, the grieving granddaughter of a groundbreaking female politician lost in the crash. Both share how, in Dear Edward, loss ultimately brings connection.

Dear Edward, Series Premiere, Friday, February 3, Apple TV+