Netflix CEOs Say Streamer Has ‘Never Canceled a Successful Show’

Netflix canceled shows

Netflix canceled 24 shows in 2022, and CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters are now explaining why the streaming giant chose to axe shows even if they have a large social media following. In the words of Sarandos, the network has “never canceled a successful show.”

“A lot of these shows were well-intended but talk to a very small audience on a very big budget,” he recently told Bloomberg. “The key to it is you have to be able to talk to a small audience on a small budget and a large audience at a large budget. If you do that well, you can do that forever.”

Due to the abrupt cancellation of fan favorites like Warrior Nun and Sense8, many television fans now have TV commitment issues, with many fearing wasting hours on a show that may disappear after one season anyway. Fans have taken to social media begging the streamer to reconsider the fate of their favorite shows with hashtags like ‘Netflix, correct your mistake.

 Sarandos used the extremely popular title Squid Game as an example. “It is very rare that a show like Squid Game from Korea would be as global as it was,” he said. “Within 30 hours, the world was watching Squid Game with no human intervention to try to market Squid Game to the world.”

Peters added, “We’re just getting started to make Squid Game not an unusual thing, but basically something that happens literally every week.”

At least Squid Game addicts can be reassured that the Squid Game Universe has just begun.