‘Married at First Sight’: 5 Key Moments From ‘Runaway Groom?’ (RECAP)

Clint and Gina from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 16, Episode 2, “Runaway Groom?”]

The great social experiment continues as Season 16 of Lifetime‘s hit Married at First Sight plays out in the latest episode, “Runaway Groom?”

Following last week’s introduction, the five pairs carried on with their path to marrying a stranger in the hopes of finding a lifelong companion, and several more duos made the big leap by the episode’s end. Picking up where the reality favorite last viewers, Kirsten and Shaquille’s nuptials begin the installment. See who else made their way down the aisle as we break down the episode’s major moments, below, and beware of spoilers ahead.

Shaquille & Kirsten

Kirsten and Shaquille finally got a glimpse of one another as she walked down the aisle with a smile on her face. Letting out a laugh, Kirsten asks why he’s reacting that way and Shaquille can’t help but say it’s because she’s so beautiful. As they carried on with the ceremony, the usual practices were followed with an exchanging of vows, “I dos,” and a kiss. But before allowing the real deal smooch, Kirsten is setting some boundaries as she turned her head to offer up her cheek to Shaquille. When the pair stepped away to have their first conversation, he revealed to the cameras that he respects her desire to keep things muted for now as they get to know one another. Meanwhile, Kirsten is a little judgemental of her new husband in a confessional scene as she notes he’s bald and younger than her, two things she deliberately didn’t want. But she’s keeping an open mind.

Dress & Tux Shopping

The shopping excursions continued for the other brides and grooms participating in the experiment. First up were Gina and Clint who had the support of their friends and family. Gina struggled at first to find a dress fun enough and one that could get her family’s approval, but she finally settled on something quite lacy. As for Clint, his friends teased that the first tux he tried was too “Chippendales,” but the grey he ultimately chose was the right fit.

Nicole and Chris shared their fears and concerns about marriage during their shopping trips with family and friends. While Nicole admits she’s a difficult shopper and hates trying things on, she gets quite emotional when she found the dress she ended up picking. And Chris is worried about rejection but does his best to impress with the suit he selects.

Jasmine goes into her dress appointment with one goal in mind, and that’s to steer clear of anything that resembles her pageant outfits. She settles on something lacy and classic and gets choked up watching her mom see her in the dress because she’s recently been battling breast cancer. As for Airris, during his tux fitting, he thinks of his dad who was killed in the ’90s, and how he always picked the best outfits, wishing he was there to celebrate.

Domynique knows she wants to feel sexy, classy, and a little sassy in her dress despite being a tomboy growing up. She ultimately picks a strapless gown that earns the approval of her mother and friends. And her future husband Mackinley knows first impressions are everything when it comes to getting married at first sight, so he carefully selects a tux he believes his bride will appreciate.

Nicole & Chris

Chris and Nicole from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

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The next couple to celebrate their wedding day is Nicole and Chris who prepare with their friends and family before meeting for the ceremony. While Nicole works on tempering her excitement, Chris is concerned about potentially fainting and reminds himself to keep his knees slightly bent. As they get primped up for the big occasion, Nicole’s mother hopes that her daughter takes things slow with her new husband and Nicole agrees to keep things ladylike on her first night as a wife. As if to prove Chris is the one for Nicole, she receives a gift from her groom, as does he from her. Chris’s gift to Nicole includes a ring as well as a necklace and moonstones.

She gets quite emotional over it, noting she got him crystals and how they’re clearly on the same wavelength when it comes to their thoughts toward each other. Before walking down the aisle, Nicole’s dad reassures that she’ll be fine no matter what, and the joy is evident on her face as well as Chris’s the moment they see each other. As they make introductions, they realize they predicted each other’s names and have a quick laugh before exchanging vows and sharing a kiss to set the deal in stone. Once they sit down to chat, Nicole admits she wants to ask Chris everything, and he’s just in awe of how beautiful she is.

Gina & Clint

Gina and Clint also take the leap of faith even though she’s quite nervous in the hours leading up to the wedding. Clint’s biggest fear is that they won’t get along, but he’s ready for marriage and to settle down as he’s tired of casual hookups. Gina’s mom and friends have a sweet reaction to her dress reveal as they make their way to the ceremony, and Clint’s dad tells him to instill trust in the marriage because without it they’ll have nothing. Once it’s time for the ceremony, Gina’s brother walks her down the aisle and Clint is excited when her dog Hank delivers their rings at the altar. Exchanging vows and those binding words of marriage, Clint and Gina share a kiss before walking back down the aisle together as husband and wife.

When they sit down to talk the duo discusses their shared love of adventure and travel and learn that they actually live in the same apartment building and may have met before. The discovery seems like some kind of sign as Clint remarks the experience is smooth sailing from here on out.

Jasmine & Airris

Jasmine and Airris from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

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Jasmine and Airris conclude the episode with the beginning of their wedding day as they’re getting ready to head down the aisle. While nerves are at an all-time high, Airris is ready to leave his hot boy summer behind for a new bride and she’s feeling fortunate she gets to share this experience with her mother. Just as the ceremony is about to commence though, Airris’s cousin Fallina plants seeds of doubt in his mind, reminding him that this is a serious commitment and that he can walk away. Will he? Viewers will have to wait to find out, but the doubt is certainly concerning. Stay tuned to find out what happens, and let us know what you think of Married at First Sight Season 16 so far in the comments section, below.

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