‘Jeopardy!’ Nicole Kidman AMC Ad Categories Were All Ken Jennings’ Idea


Ken Jennings comes to Jeopardy! for magic. And that’s exactly what he got in the December 22 episode of the game show. Thursday night’s installment featured three subsequent category titles that together referenced the now infamous Nicole Kidman AMC ad, which has already been parodied on Saturday Night Live, countless drag shows, and likely will continue to be referenced in perpetuity.

On last night’s Jeopardy!, the last three categories on the board read, “We come to this place for,” “Magic,” “Nicole Kidman Says.” Both those who watch Jeopardy! and those who just saw photos of the board on social media were delighted by the hilariously satisfying reference.

As seen above, one Twitter user was dying to know who was the mastermind behind the decision. And it was the Jeopardy! host himself. Alex Trebek would be proud.

“This was my fault and I want to thank the very indulgent and talented @Jeopardy! writers who made my holiday wish come true,” the host tweeted.

Not everyone got the reference, but their imaginations weren’t entirely off! “As an overseas viewer, I thought maybe it was a line from her terrible 1998 film, Practical Magic,” one fan tweeted.

Another gushed over the hard-working writers creating the show’s categories and prompts each week. “These
@Jeopardy writers are on a higher level than most of us,” they wrote in response to Jennings’ confession.

Now we just need to know how Kidman feels.

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