‘B&B’: Heather Tom on Why Katie Is Ready to Move ‘Beyond’ Bill & Her ‘Honest’ Dynamic With Carter

Heather Tom in 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Heather Tom’s Bold and the Beautiful character Katie Logan is a top public relations executive at Forrester Creations but she could also pursue a career as a psychic if she wanted to. The youngest Logan sibling accurately predicted to ex-husband Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) that if her sister Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) were ever available, Bill would shift his focus from her to her older sibling.

Sure enough, after Brooke and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) got an annulment, Bill hightailed it over to Brooke’s to check on her and let his intentions be known. So, it’s understandable that Katie gently told Bill to stop pursuing her after Brooke turned him down and Bill made another heartfelt plea for Katie. Does this mean that Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) is going to win Katie’s heart? Watch for the Forrester COO to make a romantic gesture towards Katie on Wednesday’s episode.

Tom sat down with TV Insider to chat about the two men in her life, her stint as a Dynasty director, and what she thinks of Carter and Katie’s “smush” name.

What was it like getting to direct some Dynasty episodes?

Heather Tom: It was amazing. It was fantastic. I did a total of seven episodes. It was great. I loved working with the cast, the crew — everyone was fantastic. I enjoyed being in Atlanta [where the series filmed]. The cast jumped in with both feet.

How did your experience in daytime as both an actress and a director help you direct a serial drama like Dynasty?

What we do every day here [at B&B] is we have to commit to the material. That’s the same with a show like Dynasty… you have to commit to the material 100 percent or else the funny might not land. I think what we also do here is we find the moments to ground things that we’re playing and we bring them back down to earth. We have that real connection to the other person in the scene. That helps keeping things grounded.

Katie had always said to Bill if Brooke were available then, you’d go after her; then, after she turned him down, he tried to reunite with Katie. Does she see Bill as a potential partner?

I think she’s beyond that now. She’s said to Bill that she loves him and she will always love him. Katie cares about Bill. They have a son together [Will]. She wants him to be happy but Katie wants to be happy, too. Her response to him is adult and mature. She’s realized that she deserves better. We’ll see where it goes.

Carter — despite having only recently broken up with Quinn (Rena Sofer) – is very drawn to Katie. What do they bring to each other’s lives?

They bring excitement. They bring something new and fresh and something different. There’s nothing scandalous. It’s honest. I’m excited to see where that goes.

It can’t be lost on Katie that Carter has rushed into engagements and relationships in the past — more than once.

We’ll see. I think Katie’s willing to rush in at this point, too. She wants to have a good time.

Do you have any more directing gigs lined up either here at B&B or at another show?

The show is keeping me busy here [in front of the camera]. I have a few [directing] irons outside of here but nothing to announce yet.

Soap fans love to give couples “smush” names, e.g. Ridge and Brooke are “Bridge.” Katie and Carter would be either…well, “Karter” or “Catie”?

[Laughs] Exactly. Maybe “Cartie”? Actually, I think “Karter” or “Catie” would be fine.

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