‘Ghosts’ Star Richie Moriarty Previews Magical Music Moment From Supersized Holiday Special

Danielle Pinnock, Sheila Carrasco, Roman Zaragoza, and Richie Moriarty for 'Ghosts'
Bertrand Calmeau/CBS

It’s that special time of year when networks put on their holiday episodes, and Ghosts is going extra hard with the Christmas spirit as the comedy prepares to serve up a supersized episode.

Expect romance, festive traditions, and spirited shenanigans at Woodstone as winter settles in for “The Christmas Spirit,” Parts One and Two. “It’s a great episode,” star Richie Moriarty says. “We really lean on Rose McIver, she has this great history with like Hallmark-like Christmas movies, and the writers decided to intentionally lean into that.”

The cast of 'Ghosts'

(Credit: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS)

So, in other words, expect some good wholesome fun. As Moriarty says, they “create our own little Hallmark Ghosts episode, and it’s so good.” One of the fun aspects is a magical music moment that Moriarty’s Pinecone Trooper Pete gets to be a part of. “The ghosts end up singing a ton, and we had the Montreal Symphony Orchestra choir director direct us,” the actor gushes.

There were even recording sessions for the music, as Moriarty shares, “we spent a couple of days in the studio recording music with him, and it’s gonna be really cool to see it all come together.”

As the show doubles its weekly airtime for the December 15th installment, Moriarty recognizes the opportunity the creative team had. “The writers and Joe Port and Joe Wiseman were really excited about having a full hour to play with,” Moriarty muses. While he couldn’t share much on what’s happening story-wise, Moriarty did weigh in on the future of Pete and Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), especially after that awkward encounter in the basement vault during the episode “The Liquor License.”

Pete leaned in for a kiss but landed in Alberta’s palm instead. Could there be a deeper romance for them on the horizon? Moriarty is hopeful but admits it might take some time. “Alberta is a little more guarded, and I think [Pete] realizes that if this is going to be a thing, he has to give her time to get there because she’s not somebody who is ready to jump all in on a relationship.”

“She’s kind of coming to terms with her feelings with him and trying to figure out whether this is something she wants,” Moriarty adds. Luckily Pete’s pretty good at waiting, especially for worthwhile opportunities. When it comes to Alberta, Moriarty says Pete “does have honest feelings” but “it’s gonna be a slow burn.”

Thankfully, the toasty holiday episode will keep us cozy until then. Don’t miss it when Ghosts gets supersized for the season on December 20, and stay tuned for more Season 2 highlights as episodes air on CBS.

Ghosts, Season 2, Holiday Special, Thursday, December 15, 8/7c, CBS